Construction/Building Disputes

The firm is experienced in construction defects and contract disputes.  Mr. Wallen, our principle, is a licensed Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia; and as such he is also an expert witness in these areas.  We are prepared to resolve construction defects and delays for our clients.  Many times these issues can be settled to all parties agreement without costly litigation.  As an engineer, Mr. Wallen is always focused on the best solution to a problem rather than resorting to unnecessary court action, whenever possible.  But as an experienced litigator in this area, he is equally ready to represent your interests aggressively.

Engineering/Architectural Contracts

Generally speaking engineering or architectural contracts need to be tailored for the specific contract and party at hand. This includes all construction contracts. Standard A.I.A. contracts are drafted to be somewhat neutral to all parties, but are not especially advantageous to either the builder or contractor. The everyday builder is not equipped to handle these matters without professional help.

Professional Ethics

We are prepared to research and render opinions in engineering/ architectural matters. This includes representation in malpractice issues, up to and including appeals from Board decisions. Our principal attorney, Thomas J. Wallen, is a registered Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.