Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is an indispensable tool for any business, be it in applied in a regulatory framework or litigation support.  We prepare an in-depth risk analysis, utilizing cutting edge multiparty, multivariable techniques.  We analyze systems using partitioned methods, where the expected value of the catastrophic event is evaluated separately from the overall, average risk. Using these analytic techniques the true risk of the catastrophic event is not averaged with the minor everyday events.  Similarly, we independently define the expected value of an early win in litigation. Therefore, the practitioner will have the best estimate of winning or losing the case, and be in a position to judge its merits before investing large sums of money.

We also support alternative dispute resolution (ADR) with highly sophisticated risk modeling. This analysis is performed for multiparty, multivariable problems. In these types of analysis, we begin by defining a zone of indifference, then determining the pareto optimal frontier within the zone of indifference. Only through these advanced methods can each party achieve their optimal position, and avoid costly litigation.